The Difference Between Home Home Renovation, Remodelling & Restoration Adelaide

Are you looking to renovate a part of your home? How about remodelling it instead? Or how about a restoration Adelaide project? Most homeowners mistake these three terms of to be the same – well, they’re not. Renovation, restoration and remodelling are three different projects. So, if you think they’re the same, then that explains why you weren’t satisfied with how your contractor handled your home improvement project. You need to be precise. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you the differences between these three terms.




When we talk about renovation, we’re referring to the act of ‘renewing’ something, which makes better than what it originally was. In simpler terms, home renovations make a room look better by fixing what’s already present and adding new elements. Depending on the condition of your house, home renovations tend to be more cost effective than remodelling. So, all in all, renovation is all about updating essential parts of a room or your entire house to make it more convenient for you. That means you either add or remove any features, depending on your preference. But overall, your room or house will still look the same, but you can notice the difference altogether.




Restoration is the one you say when you want to return a part of the entirety of your home to its former condition. This process is very prevalent among historic buildings but is also applied in many home improvement projects. If your home’s overall design is important to you and you’d want to keep it that way for years to come, then a home restoration project is what you want. You’re just updating the materials and foundation if your house. If your house’s roof is starting to look dull and worn, go for a roofing restoration Adelaide. That way, everything is brand new, yet your home will still look the same way.





Finally, we have remodelling, which is the most expensive project among the bunch. You’d want to go for remodelling if you intend to change the overall structure and form of a room or your entire house. Remodelling is all about adding, gutting, and removing walls, raising ceilings, or expanding your interior space. If that’s what you want, then you’ve crossed into remodelling territory. Since you’ll be replacing a lot of features in the process, you will be spending a lot more money compared to the other two.


We hope this article shed some light and helped you differentiate renovations, remodelling, and restoration Adelaide. Again, these three are entirely different, so you need to be specific with what you want. That way, you’ll avoid any misunderstanding with your home improvement contractor.

Taking Advantage of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Before Buying a Property

So, you finally decide that purchasing a house is something you are ready to take on; but before you get ahead of yourself, you should acknowledge and recognise the risks. Yes, home buying is not always about the excitement and pride of finally moving into a new place you officially can call your own. Since it is a pricey investment (probably the most expensive one you’ll make in your lifetime), it implies that you have zero room for errors. For one, you never can commit the mistake of buying a property that is in bad physical condition.



You must take measures to guarantee that you do not end up with a building or house that’s filled with structural issues, pest infestation, and repairs amounting to thousands of dollars. It does not make any sense if you proceed. So, if you wish to put your money on something worthy of a purchase, be sure you invest in a building inspection first.


A building inspection is a process conducted by a qualified professional, the purpose of which is to help you achieve the peace of mind and afford the guarantee that the property you’re about to spend your life savings on is worth every penny. You take advantage of it for the sake of getting a new place for you and your family that offers safety, protection, and comfort.


Figuring Out If There is Something Wrong


You must understand that even newly-built homes will have their fair share of issues, be it aesthetic or structural. You cannot count on the verbal assurance from the seller or the realtor that the place is in tiptop and perfect condition. They wouldn’t reveal something that could stop a prospective buyer like you from purchasing the building or house. You, therefore, need a third party with an impartial line of thinking and maximum objectivity to figure out the exact and realistic condition of the house. The third party we are talking about is the qualified building inspector.


What Could Be Wrong with the Property?


Although you may not see them with your own eyes, specific issues in a building or house could prove to be the deal-breaker in your plan of buying it. For instance, pest infestation could have compromised the walls and ceiling, while a severe roofing leak problem may already have damaged the attic and insulation. The previous flooding in the basement may have resulted in compromising the structural integrity of the house. All those mentioned issues will most likely deprive you of the comfort, protection, and safety you want from a shelter.


Without a building inspection, there is no way to figure out if something is wrong. Through the inspection report furnished by the qualified inspector, you now can decide if you’ll move on with the investment or you plan on looking for another prospective house to buy.

Create Your Dream House with Home Renovation Design Adelaide

We all love renovating our homes. It’s when we can incorporate the things we want to see, as well as the things we want to remove from our current home setting. It may be easy to move furniture around and make some rearrangements to free up some space here and there. But if you’re looking for a complete renovation, you’d have to rely on professionals since it deals with ultimately altering the overall shape and design of your home. At Home Renovation Design Adelaide, we offer the most holistic renovation services to our dear Adelaide community.

Benefits of Renovating Your Home

There’s a lot to like when you renovate your home. Not only it will give you a fresh-looking house, but it will also provide you with many benefits. Here are some of the advantages when you consider Home Renovation Design Adelaide as your partner in renovating your house:

Increase Property Value

Purchasing a brand new home is a significant investment that can potentially take up a chunk of your money. Maybe you don’t have to buy a new home. All you need is the right home renovations company to help turn your current home into the ideal dwelling that you’ve always wanted. At Home Renovation Design Adelaide, we offer the best solutions and give you the perfect home according to your preference. Our services will increase the value to your home, which is also suitable if you’re planning to sell your house. We can improve your home’s size, design or layout, making it more functional and pleasurable.

Customise Your Home According to Your Preferred Lifestyle

While the main reason why most of our clients renovate is to improve the resale value of their homes, there are other motives, too. We also offer renovations that will cater to your preferred lifestyle. It can be adding extra spaces to accommodate your growing family, or to add some functional area to add a new feature for your home. The possibilities are limitless! All are in your hands, with our services to help make your home renovation wishes a reality.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Home Renovation Design Adelaide also provides the benefits of reducing maintenance and utility costs. Home repair rates are quite expensive. However, with our renovation services, we can work to improve your home and make it more energy-efficient. Whether it’s installing window shutters to help with your ventilation system or add a sliding door to let natural lighting enter your home, we provide a lot of solutions to help you save on your utility bills. We also use only premium-grade materials, ensuring that you won’t have to call for maintenance for the foreseeable future after the entire renovation.

Let’s Get in Touch

At Home Renovation Design Adelaide, we’ll provide the best home renovation solutions for your convenience. Call our hotline now or send us an email to get a free estimate.

Is It High Time for Bathroom Renovation?

You will know if your bathroom demands makeover and remodelling if you notice some tell-tale signs in all four corners of your room. Some of those signs include old and obsolete décor, accumulated damage, bad lighting, and limited storage. If you notice those signs, it means you are up for the best bathroom renovation, but it does not imply you spend a lot of money on it. The key to successful improvement of your bathroom is learning the signs and doing something about them right before you end up replacing everything.

1 – Your décor and wall colour are very old.

Out-dated décor and colours are one of the visible signs that your bathroom needs an update. Through the years, you will get tired of the same look your bathroom offers, aside from that, your taste and trends might have changed. Thus, if the colour of the bathroom becomes unsightly to you, an entire bathroom renovation might be necessary for you to regain its appeal.

2 – You have a problem with the size and layout of your space.

Another sign that your bathroom needs a renovation is if you are having trouble with its size and layout as well as its organisation. Instances such as stumbling over the toilet bowl when moving around the room or squeezing past the sink to get a shower are signs that you need to expand the area of your bathroom to have much easy access on whatever you want to do in there. Thus, bathroom remodelling is the best solution to this inconvenient problem.

3 – There are leaky fixtures and awful smell from mildew.

An immediate renovation is necessary if the components in your bathroom are leaking and if there is an overwhelming smell of mildew. Some people might think that it is not essential to fully renovate a bathroom since it can be fixed with just a fresh coat of paint, but what they do not know is if there are present damage, it is essential to provide solution immediately to prevent it from getting worse. Aside from that, if you are ashamed to offer your bathroom to your guest because of its unattractive sight, you should consider with a renovation plan.

4 – There is not enough space

If your bathroom lacks space to store all your necessities, this can be an eye-opener for you to consider the best bathroom renovation. Although there are numerous DIY storage ideas available, you should also take into account the space it will demand. Thus, bathroom renovation is the key to creating all the storage you need without occupying too much space with large store-bought and DIY organisers. When you situate all your needs in a proper place, your bathroom will not only appear clean and tidy but will also look luxurious.


Why Your Kitchen Needs Renovation

There will come a time where your entire home will need renovation. Your house will start to wear down, and eventually, you will need to invest a hefty sum just in restoring it. So instead of renovating your entire home all at once, why don’t you start by refurbishing portions of it? Not only will it save you some much-needed money, but it will also ensure that your home is safe and secure all the time. Among the number of areas that you can begin your renovation, you should always start with your kitchen.


Why Don’t People Renovate Their Kitchen?


Kitchen renovations are commonly overlooked. People tend to prioritise more on other rooms that they fail to address the needs of one of the essential areas in their house. The kitchen is where you cook your food, make preparations for a party, and primarily where you set the nutrition for your family. That reason alone is enough for you to consider that it is indeed a valuable space that requires your attention.



That’s why when your kitchen starts to show its age, you should immediately conduct a kitchen renovation Adelaide. It’s a pretty standard feature to have especially since people nowadays are prioritising on their nutrition. You can’t cook food efficiently with a worn-down kitchen. It can be done, but it’s going to be a burden unless you do something about it.


Invest In Kitchen Renovation


So start investing in the future of your kitchen. Remodelling your kitchen means your cooking matters. It matters because your loved ones will also eat the food that you prepare. However, with a faulty kitchen, that would be hard to do since you’re at a disadvantage. So make an effort and start making plans for renovating your kitchen. It’s a worthy investment that will pay off in the long run.


Having your kitchen restored would mean more efficient cooking and more inspiring reasons to cook only the most delicious food in the country. If you’re into cooking, kitchen renovation Adelaide will become more of a necessity. The kitchen is your haven, so having it damaged will not only hinder your meal preparations but will also make you make you incomplete as a person.


Renovate Your Kitchen Today!


Your kitchen matters the most, regardless of whether you love cooking or not. If you’re planning on renovating your entire home, the kitchen should be priority number one. So start your kitchen renovation Adelaide project by calling your local kitchen renovations company. Collaborate with them, and your kitchen will look good as new in no time.

Why You Should Contact a Custom House Builder

Building your first home is a daunting task because there are many things you have to consider to get everything right the first time. For example, there is the issue of budget and the house design to use. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to work with the best experts, and this is where the custom builders come in. Builders have lots of experience when it comes to planning and building homes from start to finish. However, why hire a custom builder and not a regular home builder? Well, there are many reasons why a custom builder is an ideal expert to hire for your project, and this article will explain why.


When it comes to building a family home, the budget is a significant concern because home building is a massive project and will probably empty your bank. Hence, you need to decide on a budget that you can afford before anything else. You can take the figures to the bank or use your saving if you have such amount of money. The importance of a custom builder when it comes to the budget is that they can help you lower the cost of construction by suggesting options that will cost less with no compromises on the final product.

Floor plans

When building your dream home, it is important to pay close attention to the floor plans as well as the exact layout as this will affect the cost of construction. Here you can consult a custom home builder to get the best floor plans. However, ember that a custom builder can only suggest and the decision is yours.


The next thing you need to look at is how your house will look like once it is built, from its external façade to the interior. The custom builder can draft plans that give you good ideas of what the finished house will look like, as well as ensure that the house is designed to meet your individual needs. That


The other reason why you need to hire a custom builder is that they have lots of skill when it comes to designing and building custom homes. Custom builders are better because unlike the production builders, they will not cut shortcuts and so you can be sure they will construct a house that meets the industry standards and your specific needs as well.

For quality building services, contact custom builders Adelaide – Samuel James. They are the best home builders in Adelaide with much experience when it comes to designing and building luxury homes. With them on board, you are assured of the best custom designs and building work as they have over 25 years of experience. They have completed many projects span all over Adelaide, and their good reputation and excellent customer services have kept them relevant in the business. Contact them today for a free quote.

Essential Considerations When Doing Home Renovations

Because of time and weather, a house may become a bit battered and may suffer some damages and leaks. When a simple repair is not enough, it may be time to consider doing a major house renovation. You can do the upgrades yourself, or you can hire professional home renovation builders. Doing a renovation project on your own may be cost-effective. However, if you do not have enough knowledge in plumbing, carpentry, concrete work, designing, and the like, it may add more cost in the long run because you will not get it right for the first time. Sooner or later you will have to hire a home renovation company.

Hiring a renovation builder comes with many benefits despite the cost. Contractors have the skills when it comes to property renovations and will get it right for the first time. They will deliver according to your expectations and will take less time to complete the project.

When it comes to a home remodelling project, there are a few factors you need to consider such as the age of the house. An older property is more likely to break or give in several areas of the home, and may already be subject to total remodelling. Total renovations are more costly but may be necessary depending on the age of the property.

Another factor to consider is the remaining time the owner plans to stay in the property. If there are any plans to sell the property, it is best to start renovations in the bathroom and kitchen, as these are the areas that most potential buyers will check. You may be reluctant to renovate your home because you are selling it, but restoring will increase the resale value as well as attracting more prospective buyers.

Doing a paint job is a cheap way to remodel your home, and you can do it as the homeowner. If you are selling your home, it is best to stick to neutral colours and ensure that you have enough paint to cover both the exterior and interior walls.

Plumbing, heating, sewer and electrical wiring are some costly yet essential renovations that old houses need. As much as possible, ask for professional help when ding such remodelling projects to make sure that the work is den property and safely. It is always wise to hire professional home renovators when doing a major remodelling project. For quality services, contact Lang Homes – Home Renovations. They are a professional company that has been offering renovation services across Adelaide. They have completed many projects successfully, and all their past customers are happy clients which assures you that they deliver quality services and hence you can trust them to handle your upcoming renovation project. What’s more is that they offer competitive prices along with a guarantee of quality. Give them a call today and get a free quote.

8 Home Tips You Must Know About

Quick tips

  • Draught proof your home by sealing any gaps around windows and doors.
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed in summer to keep the heat out.
  • Open blinds and curtains in winter, allowing the sun to warm up your home and close them at night to keep the heat in.
  • Limit using the oven in summer to avoid heating up your home, BBQ’s are great.
  • A three quarters full fridge works most efficiently, use water bottles or ice containers to fill empty spaces and try not to keep your fridge or freezer too cold.
  • Keep air conditioner filters clean and fridge condenser coils free from dust as this forces your systems to work a lot harder.
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate the air, in summer change the fan’s position to ‘down’ so that it blows downwards and the air causes a breeze. In winter change to the ‘up’ position this movement will push up the air and pull the warm trapped air down the sides of the room improving heat distribution.
  • Shade windows in summer with adjustable awnings.
  • When using a dishwasher, only use when full and on the economy setting.
  • Use cold water to do your laundry and hangout to dry in the sun.


Draft Proof:

It is important to make sure that your windows and doors are sealed properly as this can be one of the cheapest ways to keep your home warm and comfortable.

  • Brush-strip seals and door-snakes to seal bottoms of your doors.
  • Foam weather stripping to block any gaps around windows and doors.
  • Block unused chimney.


Curtains and Blinds:

Curtains and blinds can make a surprising difference in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature .

  • In winter open curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm up the room, in the evening draw curtains to keep the warmth inside rather than escaping through the windows.
  • In summer use adjustable awnings to shade windows and close curtains to keep the sun out, this will help keep the room cool.
  • Blinds that attach to the wall and trap air, floor to ceiling curtains and fitted curtain boxes/pellets above curtains are also important in in reducing heat loss.



  • Draft proof by seal the gaps around windows and doors.
  • Double glazed windows are not just for cold climates – it’s very useful for air-conditioned homes to keep cool air in plus they also reduce outside noise, this can however be expensive to retrofit.
  • Secondary glazing products that have a thin plastic coating which you can put over windows yourself at a low cost is another option to increase energy efficiency.
  • In winter open the curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm up the room, and then draw the curtains in the evening to keep the warmth inside rather than escaping through the windows.
  • In summer use adjustable awnings to shade windows and close curtains to keep the sun out. this will help keep the room cool.
  • Blinds that attach to the wall and trap air, floor to ceiling curtains and fitted curtain boxes/pellets above curtains are also important in in reducing heat loss.
  • Cross ventilation is important, so in summer open windows late in the evenings to purge heat from the day.


If you use your air-conditioner wisely you can reduce your power bill.

  • Only use it on very hot days, have it zoned so that you can turn it off in rooms that are not in use.
  • Close doors to rooms that don’t need heating or cooling.
  • Keep your air-conditioning system working efficiently by changing the filters regularly and keeping the vents clean. A dirty filter forces your system to work a lot harder therefore using more energy.
  • Set the thermostat in summer to around 23-26°C and in winter between 18 °C and 20 °C, as every 1°C higher could increase your energy usage.
  • Make sure window and doors are sealed properly with brush-strip seals and door-snakes to seal bottoms of doors, foam weather stripping to block any gaps around windows and doors and block unused chimneys.
  • The right-sized equipment to meet your family’s needs is important, big is not always better and  an oversized air conditioner will waste energy.
  • Never place lamps or TV sets near your air-conditioning thermostat as it will sense heat from these appliances, and therefore register that the room is warmer than what it is and cause your air-conditioner to run longer.
  • Set your air-conditioning fan to ‘auto’ rather than ‘on’ as this can reduce your energy usage.
  • Don’t let furniture or curtains block your vents.
  • Shade the outside of your air-conditioning unit (without blocking airflow) with trees or shrubs as a shaded unit uses less electricity than one in full sun.



Fans are much cheaper (about five cents an hour) to run than air conditioners and have less environmental impact.

  • In winter change your ceiling fan’s position to ‘up’ and run the fan on ‘low’, this movement will push up the air and pull the warm trapped air down the sides of the room improving heat distribution.
  • In summer change the ceiling fan’s position to ‘down’ so that it blows downwards and the air causes a breeze.
  • Ceiling fans in themselves do not heat or cool a room, but the air movement or circulation they effect by the correct blade rotation, can greatly improve the comfort of your living space.



  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Switch lights off when you leave the room.
  • Cleaning light globes, fittings and lampshades as dusty or dirty lights can dim lighting.
  • Painting interiors a lighter colour will reflect light better reducing the need for additional lighting.
  • Never use heat-lamps in bathrooms, they use a lot of energy to run.


Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

  • Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Make sure taps are turned off and repair any leaking taps.
  • Limit the use of your clothes dryer and try use clotheslines wherever possible.
  • To improve drying efficiency, if possible have your dryer vented to outside to release moist air or keep windows or doors open to improve ventilation when your dryer is on.
  • Using your dryer for consecutive loads means you maximise the built-up heat inside.
  • Don’t over-dry clothes.
  • Always clean the lint filter before every use.
  • To avoid adding heat and humidity to your home in summer, use your dryer early morning or late evening.