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Star ratings make film selection easier in Oz

14 Feb 2013

Selecting the right window film in Australia has recently been made far easier with the launch of WERS For Film.

WERS stands for the Window Energy Rating Scheme, an independent energy-rating and certification program endorsed by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors. The Australian federal government's Australian Greenhouse Office helped underwrite WERS as part of its commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment.

WERS For Film is a program within WERS, dealing specifically with window film products, installers and end users. It is managed by the Australian Window Association (AWA) and the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ).

WFAANZ manages an accreditation process for flat glass window film installers across the country, entailing a rigorous training and licensing program.   

Manufacturers participating in WERS For Film have products applied to glass in a window by an independent laboratory accredited by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council. The window with film applied then receives a star rating for heating and cooling. Like the energy star system used to rate whitegoods, the more stars the greater the efficiency of the product.

Tracey Gramlick, AWA Executive Director, says, “As each film manufacturer had their own way of reporting performance claims, it used to be near impossible to compare one brand to another. WERS For Film has removed the guesswork. Now you can use WERS ratings to evaluate one product and its potential impact on your home, and then compare it to another. It’s all about arming you with credible and reliable information to base your decision on.”

When a WERS-rated film is applied by a WERS-licenced installer, a WERS certificate is issued. This certificate can be used when selling, or when an energy assessment is being performed.

WFAANZ President Michael Miller comments, “In the next two years government mandate will require all new buildings to have an energy rating under Mandatory Disclosure laws. Using a WERS rated film and having a WERS certificate will improve a homeowner’s energy rating, which will increase the value of their home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.”

For more information about WERS For Film please visit

A non-profit organisation, WFAANZ is dedicated to improving the standard of product and installation of window film in Australia and New Zealand, while promoting the performance, values and cost effectiveness of window film. The association sets out strict performance guidelines for its members and is a reliable voice for window film manufacturers, suppliers and applicators at all regulatory levels.


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