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Flame Zone House in NSW completed with Paarhammer

12 Feb 2013

The first house with Paarhammer Flame Zone products is now completed north of Sydney. These products were tested and approved to AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2 by Exova-Warringtonfire in October 2011.

This modern home sits in a beautiful setting with the bush at the back and ocean views. To keep the look uncluttered while at the same time providing the highest bushfire protection, the owners have chosen to use award winning Paarhammer Flame Zone windows and doors.

With self-extinguishing Red Ironbark or FSC-certified Manilkara timber frames together with Schott Pyranova glass and special seals, Paarhammer has achieved the so far un-achievable: BAL-FZ windows and doors which do not need shutters.

All Paarhammer products are double glazed for highest energy efficiency, and one pane of the glass unit in BAL-FZ products has an intumescent layer which acts like a heat blanket in case of fire, thereby reducing heat transfer to around 6kwh, less than half the 15kwh allowed for in the AS. 

This was recently recognised by the Australian Windows Association by awarding the company ‘Most Innovative Window System’ for 2012. This Award comes shortly after being top of the Industry Section at the Victorian Fire Awareness Awards by the Department of Sustainability.

Tilt & turn windows, French doors, sliding doors and fixed glass units are available to withstand temperatures exceeding 850 degrees over 30 minutes with a cooling down period of 1 hour - thus achieving the required Australian Standards.

In another Australian First, Paarhammer’s sister company Sonnenschutz have a tested and approved bushfire shutter system made to requirements for new builds or retrofitting.


For more information please contact Tony or Bryce on 03 5368 1999 or visit our website