How to Figure Out You Have a Dull Chainsaw Chain

You never would want to go to work or perform on a home improvement job with a dull chainsaw chain on hand. Apart from the prospect that your work will never be efficient, it also can put you at risk of getting injured. The truth is a chainsaw equipped with a dull chain is dangerous since it is a lot more prone to kickback. Your tool will also require more power to work with a dull chain, but the results won’t be as desirable as you’d want it.

So, before you go out there and do your thing, you must check if your chainsaw is in excellent working condition. If it has a dull chain, you should be competent and knowledgeable enough to figure it out. But if you are doubtful about your ability, then you at least should read this post to learn about the signs.

1 – The chainsaw chain fails to pull itself into the wood.

The first sign that you need a chainsaw chain sharpener is when the tool no longer pulls itself into the wood. You notice this problem when you are forced to apply pressure to the saw for it to penetrate through the wood. It means that the chain lacks the usual sharpness. As mentioned earlier, you never should force yourself or exert added force and pressure when there is a dull chain because you are putting yourself at risk of getting injured. Keep in mind that the design and power of the chainsaw allow it to conveniently and quickly cut through wood. So, if it no longer does the job, the first thing you will look at is the chain.

2 – You notice fine sawdust when crosscutting.

Another sign of the need for a chainsaw chain sharpener is when you perform cross-cutting or against the wood grain and you see that the chainsaw creates fine sawdust. What the tool must produce are coarse strands, not the fine sawdust you see. Anyway, it is a clear indication that your chain may need sharpening or even replacement, depending on the severity of the problem.

3 – Smoke comes out of the saw even if you already put oil on the chain.

Now if you notice that there is smoke when you use the chainsaw and you already made sure that the chain tension is correct, it is again a sign that the chain is dull and needs sharpening. There even is a possibility that the damage is already irreversible, which means you have no choice but to have it replaced.

So, if you notice those signs when you work with your chainsaw, you either must sharpen the chain or have it replaced. If you do not know how to do that, you can tap the services of an expert for a minimal fee.