Building a Carport – The Two Main Types of Carports

A carport is a must-have outdoor structure. If you have a car, then am sure you know the importance of keeping it safe from harsh weather elements. In this case, there is no better option than a car shed. With a carport, you have a safe spot where you can park your car when not in use. The best part is that you can as well utilise the car shed in many other ways besides parking your vehicle. For instance, you will have an additional outdoor space where you can host parties and dinner with family and friends. Also, you can use it as a storage space for farm tools that need protection. There is so much you can do with carports, and all you need is to install a functional carport. But what type of carport should you choose?



There are two types of carports. The first one is the free standing carport. These are very popular and very functional. As the name suggests, free standing carports Adelaide are built away from the main house or any other outdoor structure. They stand on their own.


When it comes to positioning such a carport, there are two things you need to consider. One, you need to consider accessibility from your main gate. This will make it easy to park your car. Secondly, you have to think about the availability of space and the purpose of the carport. Not all carports are for car storage. For example, if you have a garage that is enough for your two cars, a carport will serve other purposes such as storing farm tools. In such a case, you can position your free standing carport in any location provided you have some available space.


The second type is the attached carport. This one is popular in properties where space is a significant concern. For instance, if you need to have more than one outdoor structure, for example, you need a car shed and a gazebo, then building an attached carport will prove to be a problem if space is limited. Besides the area, you can as well opt for an attached carport because it is very affordable. You will require fewer materials, labour and money compared to building free standing carports Adelaide. It is a great choice and will work the same as the free standing one.


However, when designing this type of car shed, ensure that you use a design that complements the existing design of your house including the roofing. This way, you will end up having a structure that blends well with your home which will add beauty and value to your property.