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         About Renovate and Build Green

With so much "green" information out there, it is easy to become distracted and overwhelmed!

Renovate and Build Green is an improved green building resource which can help you find builders and suppliers who offer sustainable building services and products. 

The choices you make when building and renovating can have important and significant impacts on the environment.  It's our goal to get the message out there that there are sustainable “green” ways to build and renovate your home.

Just making one sustainable choice in your building or renovating plans can make a big difference - and not just a big difference to the environment, but also to your health and the health of your family.

As "green" building techniques and products become more mainstream and accessible to the wider public, the costs associated with these types of techniques and products will gradually come down. It is a classic case of economies of scale.

We will do our best to provide you with information on where to find people (painters, architects etc) and products, links to green training/accreditation/certification bodies and a DIY section (coming soon).

As the building industry is adapting, changing and growing to better protect our environment so too will we adapt and grow Renovate and Build Green to better serve you in finding those green products and services.



IMG_0755  Founder - Vicki Takis  

1786231  Co-founder - Rene Nippard 


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