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Why Advertise Your Business?

The business world is extremely competitive. An online directory relevant to your product or service can elevate your business. There are basically two types of advertising, one is passive and builds brand awareness through TV, radio, magazine and newspapers. The other is active and this is when a person is ready to buy and is actively looking via online directories and search engines.

Online directories are often used by people looking for a particular product or service and don’t know where to find these businesses locally. They seek out directories relevant to what they are searching, which increases their chances of finding the listed businesses.
Think of all the exposure that your business can get.

It is also important for businesses to form networks, without these businesses can not thrive. For example a green builder, seeking other green trade professionals or products, training or associations can be found using Renovate and Build Green.


Renovate and Build Green is a simple way for your targeted audience to find you all year round!

And it is affordable!


If you don't have a website, use your listing to showcase your work.

Be seen and be green.....



             What your listing Profile includes:

                  1.  Edit your company details, logo, green description and photos;

                  2.  Advertise in all areas that you service, regions (all suburb within that region), state or national;

                  3.  You can list in more than one category (plumber, rainwater tanks etc);

                  4.  List & promote your “green accreditations, certificates and awards”;

                  5.  Load up to 6 images;

                  6.  Get emailed alerts of messages sent via Renovate and Build Green’s website. (copy saved in your profile);

                  7.  View statistics of how many people have viewed your listing;

                  8.  If you don’t have a website, use this listing to promote your business;

                  9. Plus you can email us a press release or interesting article about your business(for our consideration)